Pledging Green with Brij Design

Brij Designs joined hands with us in July 2022 & sponsored one of our initiatives of urban afforestation- ACT [Aravali Calls Thee]. We had organised a Plantation Drive in the Aravali region of Gurugram, Haryana with the aim of planting 750+ saplings. We were joined by 50+ people & we have recently tracked the success rate of the plantation to a whopping 95%! 

Like our other Plantation Drives, this also constituted execution in accordance with the Miyawaki Technique with strict adherence of water courses, fencing & safeguarding measures and caretaking protocols. 

We welcome Brij Designs in our Green Family and we are looking forward to many more such initiatives & events.

Brij Design

Since its inception in 2008, Brij Designs as a collective has been focused solely on the quality & efficacy of its products. They started with a head start of a clear approach- “design first” which enabled them to grow swiftly into a hub of fashion manufacturing management with many partners across the world. The key aspect of this unperturbed growth also relates to the futuristic ideas of Sustainability, that was developed at an early stage, and incorporated into the operations & manufacturing of organic fabrics.

Brij Design Kamal and Anshuman
Brij Design Asma
Brij Design OM Puri
Brij Design Pranav

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