Aravalli Calls Thee- Journey Thus far.

We organise moderately scaled Plantation Drives inspired by the efficient Miyawaki Afforestation Technique which advises Planting Native Plants in a small area for dense, upward growth of the saplings enabling a thriving biodiversity in the area. This technique is a practice that aids the growth of a healthy forest cover complete with flourishing flora & fauna which thrives on its own without frequent intervention.

Aravalli Calls Thee – 3rd Edition

2nd & 9th August 2022


Plantation Drive in the Aravali has become a prominent feature of the Onlygood Act! We in collaboration with Brij Design have been able to secure another feather in ACT III, in the month of July. The plantation drive was supported by the Pond Pioneer, Mr. Ramveer Tanwar, the Pond Man of India & our group had over 70 participants of all age groups. In addition to the plantation drive, we also indulged in thoughtful conversations about Conservation & Volunteering for the environment.

Aravalli Calls Thee – 2nd Edition

2nd & 9th July 2022


Another successful attempt at this series of transformational changes was undertaken in July. With over a thousand successful sapling plantations, we have been able to ensure the best possible care for these saplings for their best possible growth. We had a number of local environmental enthusiasts who assisted the drive with their light-hearted demeanor towards creating a green change.

Aravalli Calls Thee – 1st Edition

31st October 2021


Our first rigorously implemented successful Plantation Drive with over 90% of survival rate. We pride ourselves in helping build a green cover in our beloved Aravali. Through the inspirational & scientifically acclaimed Miyawaki Afforestation method, we have been able to provide a dense future to the lands we tend to.

What we have Achieved?

90% of survival rate

Protected Green Cover

Healthy Growth & Dense Impact